The exquisiteness and beauty of fresh flowers made everlasting.


Fresh flowers represent one of the highest waste and emissions producing industries in the world. Using the latest tech and processes in floral biochemistry, Ethereal Blooms provide a beautiful alternative to synthetic or freeze-dried flowers, keeping your blooms everlasting fresh and your carbon footprint low.


We create handcrafted vase arrangements of long-life flowers — sustainable natural flowers which have undergone a unique treatment process to maintain their freshness without need for water, sunlight or maintenance. Ethereal Blooms are 100% real flowers that will last for months, even years.


Arrangements by Ethereal Blooms are meticulously designed, handcrafted, and made to add a sophisticated touch of colour, style and distinction to your space. Choose from one of our classic or seasonal styles for a look to last as long as your heart desires. Or order a bespoke arrangement created just for you — we can craft a bouquet to your flower and colour specifications, or from photographs. All lovingly made by hand in our London studio.


100% Natural

Real flowers


Zero Maintenance

Eternal Freshness