A journey in the science of flowers.


Kathryn Popplestone and Erni Visser founded Ethereal Blooms in 2017 after developing a shared passion for the conservation of fresh flowers, creating a brand with the vision of transforming of one of the world's most environmentally wasteful industries.


The duo traveled to Asia to learn the most advanced biotech processes and techniques in floriculture. They also studied the traditional art and aesthetics of floral-arrangement. The result is beautifully hand-crafted and miraculously everlasting bouquets of real flowers that stay fresh for up to six months, no water or sun required.


Kathryn is an academically trained biochemist with fourteen years of innovative entrepreneurial experience in the beauty industry. Prior to Ethereal Blooms, she founded Flutter, the UK's leading luxury eyelash extensions, as profiled in Vogue and favoured by a roster of celebrity clients. Erni is a Cambridge-educated veterinary medical professional with extensive experience running a number of elite clinics around the world. 

Their combined journeys have formed a uniquely mixed skillset of sciences training, beauty & aesthetic experience, biotech expertise, surgical precision and entrepreneurial drive which fuels the Ethereal Blooms studio — a truly modern floral lab that's fiercely committed to quality, sustainability and building a female-empowering business.